Sunday Tweets: Science Fiction as a Genre

Tweet of the Day: Why Science Fiction May Not Be A Genre


I found the post linked to above as a well executed and fascinating read on science fiction in general.

The thrust of the post revolved around science fiction as a genre. It incorporates over one-hundred and fifty years of works, in book, film, radio and games. I do share the concerns of the author quoted in the piece about the excessive fragmentation of sci-fi into sub-genres. It is one of the reasons why I like to use speculative fiction as an umbrella term for not only sci-fi but also fantasy.

But the author is right about one thing, science fiction is flexible enough to adapt to any changes and cover a myriad of works that no other genre can do today.



3 comments on “Sunday Tweets: Science Fiction as a Genre

  1. I have to agree the Science Fiction is getting lost in all the cross-categories available these days. I use the Speculative Fiction umberella too, but for my SF romances I use Futuristic Romance.


  2. […] We opened the week with a Sunday Tweet about Sci-Fi as a genre and why it remains the “big tent” of modern […]


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