Weekend Roundup: April 3-9

Tweet of the Day: Magical Thinking


Busy week and I see by the site stats that the readership has gone up, except on Friday, a lot of folks had better things to do on Friday.

I should stop that, according to writer’s blog experts, moaning about people not reading your blog is a big no-no, along side posting your own work (if you ever want to publish it that is) and begging people for critiques.

Guilty as charged.

This was the week when characters also took breathers between before going back into the fire. Next week will have more action, I promise. So what happened this week on this here blog?

So, if you missed any of these great pos…. you know what no begging.  Links posted, have at it….

See you tomorrow! 😉


2 comments on “Weekend Roundup: April 3-9

  1. Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at the Loreal ad with Malfoy. I laughed so hard that my husband, who also loves HP, asked what was so funny. I showed him. Unfortunately, he has no idea what Loreal is, so…not so funny to him. *sigh* Sometimes, the gender gap is just too wide…


    • I’m a guy and I know what it is. How long have the two of you being married that he doesn’t know that? Unless you don’t use it, in which case the point is moot!




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