Short Story Friday: The Gate p.8- Humility

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“Hurts, doesn’t it?”

I opened my eyes to see Lysandra perched at the edge of a sea of white satin, golden eyes transfixed on me, as a cat eying it’s next meal.


“Are you alright?”

I shook my head, “Sure, just a bit sleepy.”

“Then wake up and get out of bed. The chamber maids need to change the sheets. I didn’t let them undress you because that would certainly offend your knightly sensibilities, but I can smell you from a mile away. Go, get a bath and then you can go back to bed,” she said. She bounded off the bed and out the room. A second later she popped her head on the doorway, “I mean it lazy boy, get to it!”

“Yes your Highness, as you wish.”

A frown curled her lips for a moment the disappeared behind a tiny smile. By some strange elven magic, the bath was just at the right temperature. I floated in a pool of lavender scented water, letting my skin soak it in. After an hour, I pull some clothes on and headed back to my room.  The Queen waited by the door, “May I have a word with you, Sir Jonah.”

“By all means, your Highness, what can I do for you.”

“You have done far more than I could ever hope or expect. You brought back my Ly and that is all that matters.”

“I did what needed to be done.”

“Indeed, please walk with me.”

“Of course.”

We meandered through the castle, until we reached a quite corner. She sat on the window sill. Beyond the glass pane, her forest kingdom stretched to the horizon. “No doubt by now you know who Ly’s father is?”

A mother hug and tears…a father’s anger from worry…the eyes, his eyes….

“At the risk of offending you, and setting human-eleven relationships a century back, that is none of my concern. By which I mean that it is no business of mine to know or to presume to know.”

“I am not offended Jonah, may I call you Jonah?” her eyebrows peaked just as Lyandra’s did when she was being cheeky.

“You may call me whatever you want, your Highness.”

“Jonah, then…I tell you this because, you are not one of my subjects and I feel that you can be trusted.” She turned to the window, “A long life, and yet we live it day by day, like everyone and everything else in this world. And the end always comes so suddenly, so unexpectedly that reduces a hundred years into a blink of an eye. I once had a husband, a King, my King. We had a family, three beautiful children and a life the envy of the whole World. Perfect in every way. Until the invaders came and swept through our land, burned the forest and threatened everything we held dear. My love did his duty, rode to battle, and met the enemy. They won the day but at a terrible cost.”

“I’m sorry your Highness. He was brave man.”

“Yes, he was and it cost him his life. But the threat was not over. The enemy regrouped. So I took to the field.” A slim finger pointed at a place in the wood. “In your language, the place would be called Bitter Spring, which is the closest I can come to translating the horrors of that battle. Never ending waves of goblins crashed into our lines. We yielded ground, we counterattacked, drove them back only to see new enemies screech in defiance and attack yet again. Bodies chocked the stream painting the rocks with blood. War trolls made it to my position, my personal guard fell around me. Then he came. Golden hair, swift blade, he radiated power like nothing I seen before. The trolls fell to his blade. He rallied our forces and with wild abandon shattered the enemies will to fight. The day was ours.”

I sat beside her, “But if he is who I think he is, doesn’t that violate the treaty your son spoke about?”

“A loophole wrapped in a technicality. For the treaty doesn’t allow an elf to enter the land of the dragons nor a dragon to enter the land of elves. It says nothing about an elf entering elven lands. And it said nothing about a distraught widow seeking comfort in the arms of a brave soldier.”

“So does Lysandra-”

“No she does not know, and I beg of you she must not know at least not from anyone but me.”

“Very well your Highness.”

“One more thing. I noticed, over these past couple of days, how she looks at you and how you look at her. I know that you subscribe to the virtue of Chastity but that only forbids Lust, not Love. Think about it, Jonah, before it is too late.”


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