Urban Fantasy: Magitek

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What happens when technology and magic run head long into each other? Magitek!

Every time you science and magic side by side and no one blinks an eye, that’s what we are talking about.

It comes in few variation:

  • Doing what the other can’t: Want a jet airplane that can break the sound barrier? Talk to the engineer. A gate that can take you to the moons of Vega, call in the wizard. Simply put, when ever you need something done that stretches the limits of known science and the laws of the physical universe, magic will do the trick. The wizard might complain that you are too ignorant to understand the subtle rules of the unseen, but he did it, so there it is.
  • Complementing each other: Magic and tech work side by side with ease. You want to power a doomsday device? No problem, get a room full of geeks in lab coats, give them lots of boiling beakers and flashing computer screens and don’t forget to sacrifice a forsaken child while your at it. Come up a lot in science fiction (you call it psychic I call it magic) and in steam punk (a rocket ship in the 1860’s yeah don’t forget the glowing crystal).
  • Owning their side of their street: Juts like the first bullet point, magic and technology can do things the other can’t but for some reason you don’t use both. That is, they exist in the same world, but for a variety of reasons they rarely meet. People known magic exist but may consider it part of the “Old Ways” or fear the detachment that technology brings and feel more comfortable with magic.
  • Clarke’s Third Law: With all the trimmings, I mean corollaries.  Whatever makes the ship go zoom, the robot say, “I think, therefor I am” and the monsters in the closet is real and comes from technology far more advance than ours, so much so that  we simply can not comprehend the underlying principles. It is what it is, it does what it does and no amount of post-graduate Phd’s will allow you to do more than flip the switch/say the magic words to make it work.  Of course, if this is a post-apocalyptic work, their might not be any universities (or books) to teach you how it works beyond “ON is good, OFF is bad!”

To wit, you can mix and match your tech with your magic and come up with something cool every time.

Just don’t ask me how, because I’m not a wizard. 😉



5 comments on “Urban Fantasy: Magitek

  1. just come to see what your up 2 Love your blog 🙂


  2. I totally agree! There’s no reason why technology and magic can’t go hand in hand. One of my favourite segments of the Babylon 5 series featured Technomages.


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