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Weekend Roundup: March 20-26


Tweet of the Day: Why Pen Names Suck & Can Make Us Crazy


I managed, by some miracle and/or freak of nature to post every single day of the week!


I think I have the formula down.

First, plan ahead. Best way to avoid staring at the screen at 10 p.m. while the wonderful idea that bounced inside my head disintegrates into the mental ether. A simple list organized by Day-Topic-Title will do.

Second, be flexible. If an idea doesn’t work, just scrap it. This is about consistency (not quality, as you can tell by the total absence of comments…boo!)

Third, well, there is not third, except write, I guess.

(And 1 and 2 and 3… DOH!)

So what did I fill my blog with this past week?

Glad you asked:

Good week, no?

I really like how the Sunday Tweets are shaping up. I discover new blogs and great material every day. I also started another serial on Wednesday. Yes,  expect new entries, every hump day (if possible, of course). Wizard’s go to war, but who or what are they fighting? Tune in to find out.

Of course I still have old material to re-post, so expect to see more of that and for those few fervent followers of my Friday fiction, the adventures of Sir Jonah are not over, not yet anyway ;).

That’s all folks, see you tomorrow! 😀



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