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Urban Fantasy: Ripping Off the Mask

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We talked about what the Masquerade is and how to maintain it, now we look at a world which doesn’t have it said masquerade.

The Unmasked World

This world comes in several varieties:

  • Integration: What was once weird has now become normal. Wizards work along side hackers, werewolves serve as part of their police (and put the canine units out of business) and vampires campaign for equal rights with the living. It can be treated like a superhero comic book, where the supernatural (instead of the superpowered, although they can be treated the same way) rarely interferes with normal life. People shrug their shoulders about ghost hunting the attic and the like. Only when the mundane and the supernatural collide do we see any real conflict. On the other side, the story can revolved around the difficulties of integrating these very different worlds, specially the legal, political and social aspects of said integration.
  • Open Conflict:There was a reason for the masquerade and now that it is gone, the friction between worlds has erupted into open warfare. For whatever reasons (religion, racism, bigotry, fear, power). It may simply be an escalation of a conflict fought in the shadows or a new one after the veil came down. Either way, it is going to get worse before it gets better.
  • Apocalypse Now: Things got worse, much worse. Without the masquerade, reality has imploded. Eldritch abominations slither through our dreams turning them into nightmares, vampires feast on the blood of high school cheerleaders and zombies shamble across the land. It’s all out warfare for the survival of the human species with humanity at a severe disadvantage. Time to get out your boomstick!
  • Magitek: Magic becomes so intertwined with our normal reality that it joins with science to propel humanity into a glorious future. It may simply be a case of “sufficiently advance” science or a meshing of distinct paradigms to form a new reality. We get the best of both worlds without any of the fuss.

I’m sure my faithful readers can come up with more permutations, being far cleverer than I. So I’ll let them do with it as they see fit.



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