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Sunday Tweet- Checklist


Sunday Tweet: Are You Asking These Important Questions About Your Fantasy Setting?


On to the subject at hand.

Questions, we all have them, but how do we use them? Question lie at the heart of what we do as writers, but you already knew that.

Questions can be useful tools and K.M. Weiland over at Wordplay puts them to good use.

She presents a checklist she used to create her latest fantasy piece and it is worth giving it a look.


Because these questions help you narrow the scope of your world/universe and help you define what “it” is (or isn’t) which is the biggest hurdle most folks face when world building. But these questions are not a one time thing. They can also help you keep your story internally consistent and point you at places where you can also change the rules when needed.

You don’t have to use all the questions, or answer them all, but going through the exercise will help you bring your world to life.

Do you have a checklist?


I would so say that my heart goes to all those souls lost in Japan and I dedicate this little AMV to them.

One comment on “Sunday Tweet- Checklist

  1. Thanks for sharing the link – I found it both interesting and helpful. Using a checklist is a good idea in world-building.

    I usually start with the landscape – once I’ve established that then I start thinking about what kind of plants/animals would be found there, then what kind of people would settle there.


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