March Blog Chain: Secondary Characters

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Okay, time to get this party started. Today is the start of a new Blog Chain which goes something like this:

‘Tis time for another blog chain. This month’s theme is Surprising Secondary Characters. Write about a secondary character that surprise you in some way. There is going to be two parts, so please read carefully.

Part one: Describe the character in your novel in 50 words or less.

Part two: Post a scene that shows why this character is special in in 100 words or less.

You have two days to complete your post. When you are complete, please post a link to your post on the thread so I can let the next person in line know that their turn is up. If you are unable to participate, please PM me. If you fail to post on your blog and on the thread within two days, I will bump you down to the end of the line on the third day.

One additional note: Please include a list of all participants’ blogs on your blog.

The goal is to be creative, have fun and discover new blogs. So, step on up and join in the March’s blog chain. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog on the thread.


This character appears early on SuD and manages to steal the lamplight when even ever he appears.

Part One:

Wen Li, a.k.a as Tiger, is a dual wielding hit-man who describes himself “as the bad guy that kills other bad guys.” He sports twin tiger tattoos on his forearms and dresses in gangster style right out of the roaring 20s. Now he hunts monsters as well as men.


Part Two:

I slid the envelope across the cafeteria table. Mr. Li opened it, glanced at the photo inside and slid the envelope back, “So that is the guy that giving all the trouble.”

“Yes, he harasses my employees and even took out two security guards. I saw the video, he got shot and tasered and still put them in the hospital. I saw the blood,” I said trying not to sound to desperate.

“Okay then,” the tiny man rolled up his sleeves. The tiger tattoos seemed to snarl as he flexed his muscle, “Right up my alley!”


The entries so far:

Me- https://ralfast.wordpress.com
Yoghurtelf- http://thefarseas.blogspot.comLink to her post.
Proach- http://desstories.blogspot.com –  Link to her post.
Knotane- http://knotane.wordpress.comLink to her post
Dolores Haze-http://dianedooley.wordpress.comLink to her post
Orion mk3- http://nonexistentbooks.wordpress.comLink to his post
Smaddux- http://www.stephaniemaddux.blogspot.comLink to her post
LadyMage- http://katherinegilraine.com
xcomplex- http://arielemerald.blogspot.com

Still open for anyone who wishes to join.


14 comments on “March Blog Chain: Secondary Characters

  1. This secondary character seems like quite the evil doer.


  2. Heh, this guy sounds interesting and fun to read about! 😀 Nice entry 🙂 I’m gonna post mine in a bit.


  3. “Give a man a gun and he thinks he’s a hero. Give a man two guns and he thinks he’s a god.” 🙂


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  5. I like his style. 😉 And I love anti-heroes.


  6. Oh, those scene-stealing minor characters! They remind me of those great character actors with bit parts who always try to steal the movie. Sometimes I wish they’d succeed. Nice start to the blog chain!


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