Short Story Fridays: The Gate P.3-Watching the Watchmen

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-Unit 02 Status: Online

-Time: 04:46 hrs

-Location:  Floor 109

-Data Feed: Active

<Voice #1-NLOS-ID Record Match to Captain Ricardo Ochoa, Chicago Police Department Arcology Precinct>

“What we got?”

<Voice #2-NLOS-ID Record Match to Doctor Margaret Winters, Forensic Specialist>

“Three different blood traces. The first belongs to Detective Rodriguez, mostly from the cut across his neck. We ID the second from Detective Malone, and the third belongs to Detective O’Malley .”

<ID:Captain Ochoa>

“Three detectives but only one body, how do you figure that, Doc?”

<ID:Doctor Winters>

“By the core temp and lack of defensive wounds, I would say that Rodriguez died first. Some sort of ambush or surprise attack. As for Malone and O’Malley, well that’s a bit trickier.”

<ID:Captain Ochoa>

“How so?”

<ID: Doctor Winters>

“I found gunpowder residue mixed in with the blood spatter matching Malone’s DNA. Curious thing is that I also found traces of SythFoam mixed in.”

<ID: Captain Ochoa>

“Somebody tired to patch him up?”

<ID: Doctor Winters>

“Seems like it. Of course, I won’t know the shooter until we find the slugs, but they might be two or even three apartments away, due to over penetration. I mean these walls are paper thin at best.”

<ID: Captain Ochoa>

“What about O’Malley?”

<ID: Doctor Winters>

“I found his blood on the wall here, with bits of tooth. Seems somebody hit him hard. I can’t tell you more than that until I get all the evidence back into the lab.”

<ID: Captain Ochoa>

“Thanks Doc. This has top priority. I want to know where my detectives are, ASAP.”

<ID: Doctor Winters>

[Unintelligible-Tonal Variations Suggest Agreement]

<Subject within line of sight- Visual ID Match to Captain Ochoa>

“Okay people. We have one of our own down and two others missing. Drop everything else you are doing, forget about seeing your spouses, significant others or whatever for the next couple of weeks. I want my detectives back, now!”

[Multiple Facial/Vocal Responses-General Agreement on Statement]

-Unit 02 on Standby.

-New Orders: Continue to Observe


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