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Cleaning around here

Tweet of the Day: Researching the Historical Novel


Doing a bit of cleaning up around here. First of all, take a gander at the new tags above. Those are page tags and as I soon as I figured them out, they will either direct you to my other blogs or (better yet) they will have the content they once held. Simply put, three blogs (and counting) are two blogs to many, which I don’t update regularly enough and don’t attract enough page views/comments to be worth much.

That means I have to find a way to archive/save/transfer dozens if not hundreds of relevant post to this place or simply erase the lot and start all over, not to mention a lot of broken links that need to be fixed.

That’s the downside of technology, it is supposed to make things easier, until you have to scrap it.

Expect more posts, more shorts and more LOLs!


I leave you know with The Verve Velvet Morning:

One comment on “Cleaning around here

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