Out of My Element

I signed up for AW’s January BlogFest-Musical Chairs BlogFest. It  goes something like this:

Why don’t we do a blogfest related to genres? A sort of musical chairs.

As in, why don’t we all list our names, websites and preferred genre. Then through a fair and scientific method *cough* drawing names from a cup *cough* we’d each be assigned to a genre different than our own. Each of us would be responsible for writing a flash piece (under 1000 words) in our assigned genre during the month of January.

In other words, I have to write a flash fiction piece (1K words or less) in a genre outside of my comfort zone. I was given two choices: erotica or historical. Considering what I written about sex scenes in the past, I decided to go the safe route (yeah, I know, I iz a wimp!) and chose historical. Yes, a bit of a cop out when you consider that am a history junky (military history in particular), but my problem is, with almost 5,000 years of human history (or maybe 10 to 15k) where do I go?

An intriguing challenge to say the least.

Looking forward to it! l;)


More Hybrid for you, Finished Symphony:

4 comments on “Out of My Element

  1. I signed up for the Musical Chairs too. I get to write something for children. *shudder*


  2. Have you decided which period of history you are going to focus on?


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