Moving Things Around

The new year means new projects, and old ones as well. Right now I’m looking at my second novel and ways to fix it. Essentially it still in it’s NaNo form, that is, too short, too thin, too mess up. I did finish it, but looking back, the added material feels tacked on after the ending (not a great ending but fixable). So I decided to bulk up the original 50k, filling in a few blanks and introducing characters, expanding on situations and injecting more into the main character. The rest of the material will be used for a second installment.

Some of the changes are:

  • Give the MC more emotional content. Yes, he is a shell shocked war veteran, but right now the villain(s) look and sound more interesting than him. Time for Ethan to get in touch with his feelings, dude!
  • PoV issues: I written several blog post about PoV and followed none of my own advice. The PoV in this book is all over the place, although it is supposed to be 3rd Multiple/Close. Remember to focus on one character per scene.
  • Underwriting: Just because I know how and why things happen doesn’t mean the reader does. Some writers fall prey to ye olde infodump, I’m the opposite. I tend to leave little yet crucial details unwritten. That path leads to plot holes.
  • Cut down on the techno porn. Loving descriptions of military hardware may get me all excited, but probably won’t have the same effect on the reader. That and I may just get it wrong, which always invites nitpicking from those who know (or think they know).

Those are a few things I have to concentrate on. I’m looking forward to tackling this beast and come out the other end with a great book.



3 comments on “Moving Things Around

  1. You win the award for the best picture (in the category of creative).

    Good luck with the resolutions and the rewrite. I know how you feel.

    Writing is free, exciting, and creative.

    Rewriting is like pulling weeds from the garden. It is very necessary, but when you are done your entire body usually hurts and your brain is postiviely numb. At least that is the way it is for me!



  2. Good luck with your revisions and let us know how you’re progressing!


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