Well, it’s that time of year: to look back, to ahead, for resolutions and revaluations.

2010 sucked for me. Family illness, death in the family, recurring health problems. Little traction on the writing front.

So, time to make some hard decisions.

Neither Here nor There… is getting shelved until I find the proper market for it.  As great as the story is (or at least I think it is) there is no market for novellas right now, except in anthologies or indy pubs. I’ll just tweak it a bit further and bundle it with my shorts and see who can I fling it to.

Instead I’m going to focus my energies into my second book, Strum und Drang.  It started as a NaNo and begs for a major rewrite (continuity, PoV, language to mention a few) but I think I can push it beyond the 50k mark into a comfortable 80k, which is the target most agents/editors are accepting for fiction these days, specially speculative fiction (SuD is Urban Fantasy). Unlike other rewrites, I am looking forward to revamping SuD. It just feels right.

Of course I’ll keep writing other stuff, like Ruins of Empire, my sci-fi series. It is not uncommon for writers to shelve (I hate the idea of “trunking” as if these stories are thrown away never to see the light of day) their first stories (the very first or the first dozen).  More writing means more experience, more experience means better skills, better skills should turn into publication (at some point).

So my resolution for2011?

Write more, smarter and better.


Hat tip to Amy for clueing me on this group. So I leave you with Hybrid, Break My Soul:

5 comments on “Rewiring

  1. I’m pretty sure that should be EVERY writer’s New Year’s resolution, regardless of writing ability and/or career-level. Happy New Year. ^_^


  2. Happy New Year to you–may 2011 be productive and healthy.


  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rafael R Piñero. Rafael R Piñero said: Rewiring: http://t.co/nUYx3x7 […]


  4. I have to say, I’m not sorry to be seeing the backside of 2010 either.

    Here’s hoping that 2011 is better for us all!


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