In the bag!


My third book that is!

Okay, so it’s only the barest of first drafts.

So what.

Three novels and counting.

Of course now I have to turn back my attention to the other two, who always linger in one production/post-production stage or another. That’s the life of a writer, after all.Writer,revise, repeat….


More WoW silliness. Gotta love the deeeep voice over:



5 comments on “In the bag!

  1. Congratulations. Finishing anything is a positive.



  2. Congrats. That’s three more than me. So far I have two abandoned around the 30k mark. Luckily the current one (42k at the mo) is going better so hopefully will finish my first novel soon.


  3. Congratulations! That’s a great accomplishment.
    Great picture, by the way.


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