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Characters: Supporting Players

Hero Support….


Those Two Guys….

Comedy Relief….

The Bratty Little Brother…..

They are there to give a the hero a hand when he needs it.  They may get a day in the limelight, but the story ain’t about them. They are the Supporting Characters. Call them what you will, but these guys tend to be a combination of walking stereotypes, such as the mook who gives the hero a hard time before he goes down in flames or the bystander whose recollection of the crime may just be a red-herring, or the one that delivers a funny line to liven up the tension. Their above the extras who get plastered with terms like “people” or “crowd” (although a multitude can be a supporting character) in that their contribution, while small, is still essential (hence the name).

They are in the story for very specific reasons and while many times they are innocuous, many a plot has failed because somebody did not do or say what needed to be said/done at the right time. You may face a faceless crowd, but at some point somebody got to step up and represent them. Somebody got to sit on the witness stand that saw the shooter burn rubber out of that alley and somebody got to obstruct the hero’s path, at least momentarily or else you finished your novel one-hundred and fifty pages to early.

So, whose going to step up for you?


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