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Open Beta

Everyone has inner demons. Anthony calls his Dad.

Log line for Neither Here Nor There….

I here by announce that my first book is open for a second round of Betas. The first round did not go so well and I need a few brave volunteers to give it the old once over and tell me what they think.

That means you, gentle reader, if you are up to it.

But before you raise your hand I need to set down the following rules:

  1. Due to the nature of betas (busy lives, doing this as a favor, etc) I expect a reply within 30-60 from the time you receive the manuscript.
  2. Please reply to the emails or messages. I won’t bombard you with pleas for updates, but if you don’t acknowledge that you received the document, I will assume you’re not interested in being a beta.
  3. Points to review while doing the beta:  Plot-Does it make sense? Are they any glaring plot holes? Characters- Likable? Effective? Story-How good is it?
  4. I won’t ask you to proofread the story, although I won’t stop anyone from doing so either.  That’s my department. Of course, if the syntax-grammar is so horrible that it destroys the book, feel free to tell me :D.

That is all for now.

If your interested, please let me know and will figure out a way to contact each other.

Thank you all!


One comment on “Open Beta

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