Looking for a new coffee house

I got kicked out of Borders yesterday.

Thus ends my three year long patronage of the place.

I put up with lousy half hour long waits for a cup of joe (I know it is not the girls fault that she is all alone behind the counter with no help and ten people waiting on their fajitas).

I tolerated dirty tables, screaming kids and folks who don’t know how to use their inside voice when on their cellphones.

I made damn sure, as per coffee shop protocol (and because I want) to “consume on the premises” i.e. buy at least one cup (sometimes two)  in every visit, not to mention buy books (latest acquisition As Lie the Dead by Kelly Meding).

I’ve seen teacher tutor bratty students for hours, business men hold training seminars and the like.

But it seems that if you sit in a quite corner, minding your own business, having just finished your cup, then you have to go unless you have a caffeine IV drip strapped your arm directly linked to the latte machine and your credit card account.

And no I didn’t not appreciate the 15 minutes warning you gave me. Disguising it as a “grace period” just pissed me off more. And you can shove that “other chair in the store” as far as it will go. I was perfectly comfortable where I was and I needed the table, you blind idiot. Giving me a look that dares me to explain myself is just asking for me to punch you in the face.

So I bid adieu to Borders.

You treat me like shit and I say fuck off!

Now of to Starbuck$. Yes, the coffee is overpriced by a million and one but at least they won’t kick me out AFTER I bought their product.


2 comments on “Looking for a new coffee house

  1. Mmmm, Starbucks Chai Latte.

    I’ve only been in one coffee shop that had a time limit posted – I think it was a Country Style – and I’ve never been back. Tim Horton’s doesn’t seem to care how long you stay, and we have a lot of independently owned coffee shops in our town that all welcome writers.


    • The time limit is a fallacy. Never enforced until this idiot of a junior manager decided that he didn’t like the look I gave him when he pushed out two girls on a table next to mine. Really screwed the pooch. Not planning to go back there again (I did to complain, but that was it). I like the atmosphere, but hate the jackass manager.


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