No NaNo This Year

And I won’t be as cool as all my fellow scribes who are counting the days to NaNo 2010.

A few reasons why:

  1. RoE (Part 1) is in full bloom. I’m writing, organizing and generally trying to give birth to this bad boy. I think I’m half way through but won’t know until later on. I could cheat and dump whatever I have on my notepads into my computer and hope that would exceed the 50K mark, but that would not like myself while doing it.
  2. SuD: Should have finished doing the first revision a few months back, but life got in the way. Probably take the reminder of November and most of December to do it, depending on how soon I finish RoE. Have to get it ready for the Betas before the end of the  year.
  3. Neither Here or There is  in query limbo and I need to decide if I’m going to take it out of query contention all together or shift gears and use it for contest/literary magazine fodder.
  4. More Shorts: Got to finish my seasonal short series, plus come up with my Winter/Xmas themed shorts. That and revise and see if any mags will take them, which I doubt it as they frown on “pre-published” material, i.e. shorts posted on blogs and forums for free.  But if I could squeeze a few bucks/by-lines with them, who knows (that question requires more expert advise/research).

For all those reasons I won’t be able to devote the time and energy that NaNo demands. However, if you are looking down the proverbial barrel that is NaNo and are waiting for the pull of the trigger, good luck!

May the writing demigods guide your mind and enlighten your soul!


Some soothing tunes for the writing ahead- Can’t Sleep by Above and Beyond:

3 comments on “No NaNo This Year

  1. I’m not cool enough for NaNo either. I’ve got two research papers to write…


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