NaNo 2010

The countdown to NaNo 2010 has begun, but I’m afraid I’m not going to participate this year.  Already writing a book, and have two others in the revision/revising/querying stage so I have very little mental energy left over for NaNo (which requires a lot of said energy).

Are you up for NaNo 2010?


7 comments on “NaNo 2010

  1. Alas, I am not participating in NaNo 2010 either. 😦
    A thesis to write, along with a literature review for/start pulling together evidence for a second, plus another term paper…all being said, I’m sure I’ll write 50,000 words, very few of them fiction!

    How’s the querying going?


  2. I’ve signed up for it this year. It will be my first attempt. Not sure if I want to attempt the first half of a 100k novel or just go for a 50k novella. I guess I need to decide that beffore Nov 1st. 😀


  3. Heh, I was just writing to a friend the other day that I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate this year or not. I think I may decide last minute.


    • Deep into my current story. Wrote two scenes back to back (kind of choppy, since the scenes are kinda short) and no idea what I would write for NaNo. I don’t want to get all worked up about it and then do nothing with it.


  4. I was positive I was not going to do NaNo last year or the year before that. Ironically, those were the only two years I actually completed the challenge.

    I wonder if that means because I am planning on NaNo this year that I won’t complete the challenge?

    Guess I should at least try and come up with an idea . . .


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