I’m a Hybrid!

I’m a discovery writer.

That also does outlines.

I thought that doing an outline would kill my inventiveness. That once I wrote it, it was just a matter of filling in the blanks.

How wrong I was.

I won’t say I will outline every project. So far I haven’t needed to outline my short stories, but for complicated projects like RoE, I needed to get organized somehow, and a plot outline seemed like the simplest way to go. But I’m still discovery writing the guts of the story. Creation of each scene still comes down to the trial and error of the discovery writer. The plot is the map that points me in the general direction of travel but the real adventure is discovering all those hidden stops along the way.

I guess you can have it both ways!


7 comments on “I’m a Hybrid!

  1. I find myself wanting some sort of roadmap to close the book…or to get rid of plotholes. Then to leap right back into discovery. Have you done a large-scale outline or a overall point-to-overall point outline?


    • To be honest, I don’t know the difference between the two (I’m new to to story outlines) but I did write an outline that should cover three books (at least), so it definitely has scale. I also have to go back and write character summaries in order to keep them strait.


  2. Hurray for hybridity! I’m working on a very basic outline for my current WIP. So helpful, just for keeping me on track for what’s going to happen (as I write out of order)…but I’m definitely a discovery writer as well, particularly as it comes to characters…though I guess I’m taking all of the random pieces and putting them in order now…


  3. […] with an outline, the details can still feel murky, the next signpost clouded by the eternal mental fog of […]


  4. Hybrids are the way to go! I’m a big supporter of outlines, but also a supporter of “just because it’s in the outline, doesn’t mean your story can’t go where it wants to go.” ❤ Hi-five for hybrids!


    • Well, like the “The Code” I find that outlines are more like “suggestions” useful, but you never know where that little compass needle is going to point next or when the wind will shift. So welcome to my blog Kit, feel free to poke around. Lots of stories here as well.


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