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My 30 Days of Writing-Day 18: Playing Favorites Part 2

The above, a total non sequitur, but funny as hell!

On too more questions!

18. Favorite antagonist and why?

I think I answered this one before, but since I’m committed to this meme, I’ll give it a go. According to Wikipedia an antagonist is:

An antagonist (from Greek ἀνταγωνιστήςantagonistes, “opponent, competitor, rival”[1]) is a character, group of characters, or an institution, that represents the opposition against which the protagonist must contend. In other words, ‘A person, or a group of people who oppose the main character, or the main characters.’[2] In the classic style of story where in the action consists of a hero fighting a villain, the two can be regarded as protagonist and antagonist, respectively.[3] The antagonist may also represent a major threat or obstacle to the main character by their very existence, without necessarily actively targeting him or her.

Which means that the main antagonist in my firs book doesn’t work, as he happens to be, well, dead. It’s more of a Man vs. Himself bit anyway so.

Which brings me to my second choice of favorite antagonist: Julian, the Nephilim.

Why is he my favorite? Well for various reasons. First of all, I deliberately made him as close to perfect as possible, at least in appearance, so when his inner monster is revealed, he seems that much more horrifying. He is urbane and cunning. If it were not for that fact that he embraced his dark side so long ago he might even be a hero.That he is not shows his moral weakness and as the progresses that in turn erodes his whole persona. A literal fall from grace. I enjoyed writing his lines, watching plot and think.

That is the essence of any good character whether he is a protagonist or antagonist.


Some dance music on this funky Friday with Armin van BuurenFace to Face:

One comment on “My 30 Days of Writing-Day 18: Playing Favorites Part 2

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