My 30 Days of Writing-Day 14: Cartography Fail!

14. How do you map out locations, if needed? Do you have any to show us?

The short, short answer?


That doesn’t mean I don’t use maps. One of the best tools to have on your computer as a writer has got to be Google Maps. I used it a lot while writing my first too novels, especially SuD.

Want to see a particular spot on Earth?

How about a location for a cool scene?

Calculate travel distances?

Google maps does it all plus the street view feature can give you a feel for a location, especially architecture much better than any still photograph. In fact, I searched for maps of most locations just to get the feel of the place, even if I never been there.

As for drawing actual maps, well I tried my hand at that, but since I am a lefty whose grade school teacher taught him to write with his right hand, my writing and drawing skills suffered as a result. Besides, there more to creating a map than just putting stuff in it or distances.  Many people just don’t know enough about geography and simply stick a desert between a tundra and a rain forest, because the writer needs those locations to be accessible.  Also every map looks like a copy of Middle Earth, that is, kind of squarish with and justified to the left for some reason.

And don’t get me started on complete ignorance of geology, oceanography, meteorology and ecology.

I know, I know, some wizard or powerful god made it.

But still.

Still, I’m not one to ask, as I can’t draw a decent map to save my life.

Go figure…. 😦


And now for some funky rave/house music from the Benassi BrosBlackbird:


3 comments on “My 30 Days of Writing-Day 14: Cartography Fail!

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  2. Thanks for the link, ralfast. Even though I don’t normally click on TV Tropes for fear of the next hour disappearing, I checked it out and had an idea for my next map. 🙂

    I love drawing those, but yeah, mine probably have problematic features that someone with experience in cartography would notice at once.


    • Mwuahahahahaha!

      I iz evilz! I know what you mean about TVTropes, but it such a darned useful site for writers that I can’t help myself.

      Thanks for stopping by Marian. 😀


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