My 30 Days of Writing: Day 5

Well Lee, you wanted character questions, you got them!

5. By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about “youngest” and “oldest” in terms of when you created them?

Onto the question then.

Youngest character?

A recent story had a set of twins, in the womb/ You can’t get any younger than that (unless it is a post-modern magic realism comedic allegory of human existence, then yeah I guess you can, but I ain’t going to write!).


That would be the Seer in SuD (Sturm und Drang, my Urban Fantasy WIP). She is old enough to remember “when the land was cold and dry” and by land she means the whole of the Earth, which if she is telling the truth (and why would she or for that matter I, lie?) she might be a little over 12,000 years old and counting.

Wow, that was an very long sentence, if I do say so myself.

As for youngest in writing terms, I created a Corporal Crown this afternoon while writing at Starbucks, but then I crossed the whole scene out, so he doesn’t count. I’ll have to come back to this part of the question later.

As for oldest, just read the last post, the honor would fall on Lt. English. Although like his name, he ain’t much of a character to begin with. Which is sad, really sad.

Well, that Day 5 for you. See you on the morrow!


And now for a band that needs no introduction, because I basically dumped their entire album collection here, here is Back in Time from Keane:

3 comments on “My 30 Days of Writing: Day 5

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  2. Yeah, it would be tougher to write a character younger than in the womb! 😀 I know my youngest character, but I’ll have to think about the oldest I have a few mad old characters in various stories, a few sane ones too, but I favour mad old crackpots.


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