Done With My First Outline

Well, guess what, this week theme is-OUTLINES!

I just finished my first outline.

A bare bones Plot only outline.

Yep, no characters or nothing.

Kind of half-assed (or arsed depending on which side of the Atlantic/Pacific you currently reside on) considering that I left out such minor details as Setting and Characters, but I’ve done enough world building (Setting) on this book  to last me a lifetime (“Hello my name is Rafael and I’m a recovering World Builder”) while the Characters always tap me on the shoulder and introduce themselves whenever they want.

But this is just Part I of the whole thing. Part II and III await!

Good grief I created a monster!


Now some Dirty Vegas with I Should Know:

6 comments on “Done With My First Outline

  1. Sounds like you’re getting there?


  2. Another pantser lost to the evils of plotting! *sniff*


  3. Hurray!
    I may have to try this outline thing for myself.


  4. Congrats on finishing the outline.


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