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Poor Ronikins!

Another Harry Potter post.


This time another member of the Weasley family, Ronald Bilius Weasley.

Hence the title.


Least loved, always, by the mother who craved a daughter… Least loved, now, by the girl who prefers your friend… Second best, always, eternally overshadowed…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Poor Ron, always coming in second, third and even last behind his brothers and his friends. No wonder he goes for Lavender when the opportunity presents itself (besides the obvious). For the first time somebody likes him for being, well, him. No hidden agendas, no competition, and no beating around the bush. Of course, he quickly comes to regret playing “Operation Jealousy” with Lavender but he does learn some valuable lessons from the episode. Although portrayed as a slightly psychotic obsessed teenager in the film (for full comedic effect) Lavender genuinely cared for Ron even if it was in the typical high school way.

Of course had either Ron or Hermione had the courage to say how they felt about each other in the first place, all of that would have been avoided. It is easy to dismiss Ron’s attitude toward Hermione as offish, but while they bickered constantly, he was very protective off her and would have done anything for her. I think that is one of the reasons he doesn’t come out and tell her how he feels (besides taking his sweet time to figure it out himself, after all the hormones rarely send a memo to the brain while they are raging). As the episode with the horcrux shows, Ron feared that Hermione cared more for Harry than him and perhaps did not want to burden her with his feelings.

At the end of the day Ron is the hero of his own story and comes out the stronger. He helps his friends, gets the girl and becomes famous on his own right. Maybe that short tryst with Lavender did him some good after all. 😉

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