I gots a thousand comments!

Or so says the wordpress comment tracker.

Yeah, I’m so just posting this to fill up space, as if the internet needs more crap.

So where was I?

OK, I’m on Twitter, but you already knew that.

I’m querying (and shedding manly tears inside, deep, deep, inside).

Laughing out loud after reading this post.

Spending the balance of my day wandering the radioactive wasteland on my 360.

Oh and dashing out the door to the supermarket.

So, everything is well with the world. I expect to post a new short soon (probably on Monday) for those who were expecting a visit from the parents.


And now for some music:

8 comments on “I gots a thousand comments!

  1. One thousand and one.

    How many of those comment do you consider to be useful, and – of those useful ones – are the comments you receive mostly good? I leave kinda weird comments everywhere I seem to end up, so I can never tell if I’m being as useful as I would hope to be or if I’m being annoying.

    The walls of text (a recent phrase which was made about my writing style) has a certain anti-ease-of-use problem in it as much as it may contain valuable nuggets of information… I’s trying to keep things to a certain level, but my fingers simply refuse to stop typing once I’ve hit a certain critical mass of words.

    And off I go writing neverending comments again…


  2. 1002! I kind of have the same thoughts as bigwords88… sometimes I read a really really good blog post and I want to reply with something intelligent, witty, and meaningful but I worry that it sounds dumb and annoying. ha!


    • Yeah, well, I have found that most comments are supportive and helpful. I would like to have a wider audience and more in depth discussions, but then again this is a blog, not a forum.


  3. You’ll need a forum when you get the big publishing deal lined up. *grin*


  4. Terrific! I wanna be just like you when I grow up and get,ohhhh,950 more comments.


  5. Okay, I’ve got a lot of work to do now, *eyes wide*


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