A Meme and a Preview

First the preview.

This is the opening scene of my first novel (which I’m querying right now). It got some good comments/critiques over at Miss Snark’s First Victim and I like to share it with you today.


The One Letter

I checked the mailbox with a sense of dread. There was always a chance that among the stacks of junk mail, bills and unwanted invitations there would be one with a stamp that read: Royal Mail. I hated those letters. They could mean only one thing.


The metal box contained the following; a couple of bills, junk mail, an invitation to a second cousin’s weeding and a letter with the dreaded red stamp on it.

Might as well get it over with.

I ripped the white envelope open. No, I destroyed the thing trying to get it open. Never figured out how open one in a clean way. Inside I found a stack of official looking documents, some airline tickets, and last but least a single page letter with following:

McIntyre & Co.

Woodstock, Oxfordshire, UK

To Mr. Mendoza

We regret to inform you of your father passing….

What the fuck!


And now for the second part, a meme, brought to you by Janna by way of JLCBytes. It’s all about the Five Senses:


The White Glare of the Morning Sun

The Shadowy Atmosphere of Curtains Closed

The Jumble and Clutter of Desktop

The Dark Face of a Cellphone


Sweet touch of chocolate in my lips

Hot warmth of coffee in my throat

The Bitter Taste of a Startling Nightmare


The smooth face of my iPod

The rough exterior of my calendar

The solid weight of the mouse

The trembling purr of a happy cat


The eerie music of long forgotten memories

The flop of a wet mop on the tile floor

The tack-tack of tapping keyboard keys

The distant rumble of thunder


The dry choke of dust in my nostrils

The smell of rain in the morn

The light waif of bakery fresh bread

The harsh hammer of cleaning fluid


Well, that’s it for today.  And now for some music:

6 comments on “A Meme and a Preview

  1. I like the ‘last but least’ twist on words. I enjoy clever jolts from everyday cliches.

    Nice Meme too! Thanks for the mention. 😀


  2. Love the teaser. Makes me want to see more!


  3. I’d keep reading! Good job!! 🙂


    • @JLC

      I was going to change that, it was happenstance to say the least, but you’re not the first one to point it out and I think it works just the way it is so I’m keeping it.

      @Amy and Tasha

      Thank you, cross your fingers I can either sell this or win a contest with it.


  4. Fingers are crossed for you!


  5. FLOP! The flop made me giggle! FLOP! MOP! FLOP! Oh my…I think I need more sleep.


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