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Query Week: It’s all about the sale

Before we begin, lets slide over to the blog plug of the day:

C. Hope Clark has an excellent post on those overworked mini0ns…I mean staffers of our dedicated agent to be and what do they do for both agent (boss) and writer (most annoying, I mean honorable costumers).

Oh, and Amy had another rejection Friday, something about hair dye and split ends.

And now back to our blog.

At the end of the day, this publishing business of ours (yes, yours and mine) is a business. Which means, it is all about the product.

It boils down to word count, market trends, jacket covers and marketing. You can have the best book in the world but it won’t sell itself.

Frustrating, isn’t. After all that hard work you put into your book and nothing. That is why agents are so important.  A good agent will help you navigate the ins and outs of the publishing business. But even the best agent can not do it all for you. More and more publishers are pulling back on marketing, which means it is up to the author to put themselves out there.

You heard some of these terms before:


Web Presence

Debut parties

Book tours

Know that even with the best agent and a big contract on a solid publishing house, you will still have to do some of the heavy lifting. So better know what market your book fits in. Your audience, your genre.

Which, now that Query Week is about to end, I have to confess, that is my biggest fear about querying Neither Here Nor There….

Too short,

Not the right genre for the moment,

Too controversial an author (yeah, I said somethings and written some others that while I am not backing down from them, are, at the very least, controversial).

Not marketable.

But guess what I believe in Antonio, Michael, Christina and Michelle. I believe That they have a story to tell, and one people want to read. I gotten good feed back from readers who say they want to read more.

Time to kick this baby out the door!



A bit of Top Gear to sheer me up this Friday morning!

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