It’s Query Week!

OK, I have to get a query out the door, and it has to happen by the end of the week. It may be godawful, but it needs to be done. And I am not alone:

Writes in the City has a Query Contest/Book Debut. I’m going to give it a try and see.

Amy is dealing with querying and rejections in her own quirky way. Might have to come up some of  my own weird examples for Friday.

Cornell DeVille upbraids the coward in all of us. I feel so ashamed!

So, I invite all of you to dump your WORSE queries on the comment section (the ones you knew the moment you pressed SEND that they would crater the agent’s in-box) and see how they stack up.

Are you game or are ya chicken?


Here is some inspirational music for you this fine Monday morning:

5 comments on “It’s Query Week!

  1. Ah, hey, thanks for the link-love.

    Good luck on your querying!


  2. I feel you pain completely! The moment I sent Kate Testerman my query for her About My Query section on Daphne Unfeasible, I wanted to pull out the Chocolate Chunk ice cream and hunker down in a self-pitying hole for the rest of my life. True story. To put matters from bad to worse, she roasted my query. So, I know the anticipation and the cowardly fingernail-biting that comes from submitting queries. 🙂

    Because it was so horrible, I’m not going to post the query I sent in. I’d rather leave it to your imagination as to how bad it was. But we just have to keep trucking, you know? Keep moving forward! You learn from the mistakes.

    Just want to shout out to tell you that you are definitely not alone! 😉


  3. IT WILL BE GREAT! Believe in it, and happy querying. You can do it!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


  4. Happy querying from me too.


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