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Another Friday Full of Writer’s Blogs and Resources

I have a fresh harvest of writer’s blogs for you today: A Blog, I Has One: My inspiration for sprucing my blog post with lolcats. Yes, I blame you Sassee B for introducing me to such sad blogging behavior. Check out her amusing posting and join her as she plows through NaNo, life and with […]

When you find the right song.

I said this a dozen times before. I write to music. Each story has its own soundtrack which helps me get into the “zone” when I’m writing. I write scenes around particular pieces of music. You can blame it on Mtv or Star Wars, but whether is an action packed sequence or a tender personal […]

Step by step.

Or not… I started NaNo yesterday and I’m already behind schedule. You can see the horrible results here. I will do it, it will get done, but dammit, I’m a slow poke when it comes to writing.  That’s why NaNo is so important. It is that swift kick in the butt I need to get […]