November Rain

Yes, like the song.

Moments ago thunder split the sky open, and no that was no allegory. It literally did. The thunder burst sounded like somebody dropped a bomb on me (another catchy tune by the way), then all hell broke loose (or in this case, heaven).  November is the rainy season here and when it rains…well you know the rest. The only difference between a rainy season and a monsoon (besides geographical location) is that a monsoon lasts longer.

At least it is not cold November rain. Bad enough to walk around with your socks soaked and with pants that make you look like you have an enlarged and uncontrollable bladder at least you won’t catch hypothermia.

I hope.

When it gets like this I prefer water resistant/proof coats to umbrellas because:

  1. Umbrellas never really protect you from the rain. Waterlogged socks anyone?
  2. I always leave them in the first place I sit down.
  3. I just look stupid holding one.

And now bright sunshine is here again.


Oh yeah, before I forget, a video for ya!

3 comments on “November Rain

  1. ‘November Rain’ is a great video, if just for the fact that it is guilty of every single one of the Top 10 Cliches of Power Ballads….


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Gary James, Rafael R Piñero. Rafael R Piñero said: November Rain : http://t.co/gN3dSGM […]


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