Another Friday Full of Writer’s Blogs and Resources

I have a fresh harvest of writer’s blogs for you today:

  1. A Blog, I Has One: My inspiration for sprucing my blog post with lolcats. Yes, I blame you Sassee B for introducing me to such sad blogging behavior. Check out her amusing posting and join her as she plows through NaNo, life and with a baby on the way.
  2. Benjamin Solah Blog: Self described Marxist Horror Writer from down under (it says so in the title). Taking on social injustice, evil capitalist and zombies, although sometimes even I can’t tell the difference. Go yonder and dive in.
  3. Atsiko’s Chimney: Do you want to know how NOT to screw up your work of fantasy? Make it a bit more believable and less crunchy? Drop by Atsiko’s place and take a gander at his rules on how to tackle such problems as Mary Sues and Magic Systems. You won’t regret it.
  4. Polenth Quill: An interesting place shock full of interesting thoughts. Polenth likes to write in the third person and has been known to tackle speculative fiction. If you need your elves to be color coded for your convenience (or not) this is the place to be.

And now for the resource of the week, brought to you by Beth from She Thinks Too Much.

  • Pandora Radio: Internet radio service where you get to create your own channels. It’s free, just enter a song or artist and the service will create a “station” for you. Also the interface is more intuitive than similar services.  If you like to use music as an inspiration or simply want to take a musical break, check it out. And if you like it, don’t forget to drop by Beth’s blog and thank her.

And now for some pop music from Owl City-Fireflies.


10 comments on “Another Friday Full of Writer’s Blogs and Resources

  1. Thanks for the links, Ralfast. 🙂


  2. P.S. Listening to Dash Berlin right now, btw. Glad you featured them in your last post. Not my usual thing, but I’m enjoying their tunes thus far.


  3. I love pandora! I have it on all day at work, and it’s the source of my writing playlist.


  4. Big yes to Pandora. It keeps me sane at work!


  5. Yay, I’m interesting!


  6. I love Pandora! 🙂 Been listening to Philip Glass and John Williams stations a lot.
    Looking forward to checking out these blogs.


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