Quick update.

Sorry for the lack of posts, although I don’t make it a habit of posting everyday. Spent the weekend in the emergency room, severe abdominal pain. Now I got to go and see the specialist, but so far it means a radical change of diet and pills for the foreseeable future.  The woes of an unbalanced diet.

Oh well, live and learn.

6 comments on “Quick update.

  1. Good heavens, Rafael! I’m glad you’re okay. Take care of yourself, and update us as you can.


    • Thanks Janna. Last week was hospital week. First my mom’s operation which fixed one arrhythmia but found another and then my stomach not so subtle nor gentle reminder that you are what you eat. I’ll keep you posted.


  2. Hey, ralfast hope you’re okay man. Take it easy.


  3. […] Spending a week with your mother in the hospital only to return to the same place yourself and endure an agonizingly long weekend in the emergency room. […]


  4. Ralfast,

    Gah! Just reading this now. So sorry to hear about your mom’s operation and your illness.

    Hoping the best for both of you.


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