Writing: Joy or Pain?

As I read this month copy of The Writer’s Magazine an article jumped to my attention. In it the author tells of some famous writers who found writing sheer torture while other thought of it as a joyful process.

That got me thinking about how I feel about writing. I certainly love writing the first draft, even if it can be frustrating at times, but loath editing/revising. Nothing makes me happier than encountering new characters, discovering new vistas and exploring new situations. Nothing ticks me off more than the abject horror of dangling participles, bad grammar and senseless sentence construction. So I understand why writing can be both a Joy and a Pain. But the Joy exceeds the Pain, because without it I don’t think writing would be worth it.

So what is writing to you?


And why not spread a little joy with a bit of Armin van Buuren:

8 comments on “Writing: Joy or Pain?

  1. Ooh, I’ll answer!

    When I was writing fiction, it was mostly a pain, very difficult, but rewarding. But when I shifted to poetry, I found it a joy. Now that may be because I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m having fun, and no dread.


    • I’m not much of a poet, never liking it much (with a few exception here and there). It seems to me that you’re right smack in the middle of Joy!



  2. It’s a joy, absolutely. Sure there are parts that worry or frustrate me, but no part causes pain. Not even rejection – though it stings – because it builds me up and makes me stronger.

    Love that dog!


  3. Joy. Pain. Joy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reminds me of a quote I once read.

    “When writing a novel, that’s pretty much entirely what life turns into: ‘House burned down. Car stolen. Cat exploded. Did 1500 easy words, so all in all it was a pretty good day.'” ~ Neil Gaiman

    When I get my story going along, it’s a joy, even if there was hair-rending previously. When I don’t… *GROUSE GRUMBLE GRUMBLE!* ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Joy and pain. One thing I came to accept as I neared the end of PORTRAITS, was that some days it was going to be the most fun, wonderful feeling in the world, and other days- sheer torture.

    But, I learned that if I kept writing even during those most horrible of days- the joy returned three-fold.

    And I love that quote by Gaiman. So true!


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