I want MORE!

Janna over at Something She Wrote asked:

Describe in one word* what you want your writing to be.

My answer?


Yes, I want more. I want more words, more action, more characters, more fights, more situations, more dialogue, more heartache, more war, more conflict, more solutions, more worlds, more universes, more, more, more….

I want novels and short stories. I want to write and be read.

I want more.

I want to meet people that I never met before, go places I can only dream about.

That is what writing is all about.

That is why I am a writer.

So, as a meme (of sorts) I ask you:

Describe in one words what is writing to you. Answer in the comment section and then write a post on your blog about why you chose that answer.

Good luck!

And now for the video from Moby, song Slipping Away.  I prefer this version but the embedding was disabled, so:

6 comments on “I want MORE!

  1. Great, Rafael! I loved your further-explained answer of “more.” That’s what it’s about.


  2. Fulfilling

    I write because it makes me feel good. It is part of who I am. When I finish writing, there’s nothing that feels as good as someone telling me they like what I’ve writen.


  3. I want my writing to be elegant.
    I want my stories to be fearless.


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