And then there was Harry….

But the movie did not.

After three days of trying I finally saw Half-Blood Prince.

So how was it?

The Good:

The acting was top notch all around. Jessie Cave played the crazy obsessed girlfriend to the hilt, Rupert excelled as the comedic foil of the film (great Quiddich sequence showing Ron in full form when his confidence is high) and new comer (to the franchise) Jim Broadbent brought a unique mix of hilarity and depth that did old Sluggy proud.

The pace was fast, going from one moment to the next. I heard that some reviewers found it the romantic bits a long hard slug but to me they whipped by faster that the Hogwarts Express at full steam. And Draco (played to the hilt by HP veteran Tom Felton) lurking in the background of all the snugging and flirting grounded the action.  Neither the director nor the writer wasted any time on endless exposition, which could be said is the weakness of the book.

The Bad:

Not much. Ron gets short change a bit outside his expansive comedy role as if there was not place for both the clown and the hero. He is a WEASLEY! Sorry, he is RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY! Hero of the Battle of Ministry, Master of Wizard’s Chest, companion to Harry and Hermione. But no, he remains the butt monkey to the very end (literally).

Although I am a fan of Bonnie Wright I think she (like Emma) got demoted a bit and sent back to the role of admiring damsel in distress/star struck lover of GoF which is unfortunate considering how much her character developed since(especially OoP the film version of Order of the Phoenix).  And they went back to the old trick of will they won’t they with a bit of slap-kiss for Hermione and Ron. I like the fact that they got together at the end of book six. That made their falling out in book seven that much more important. I guess they wanted to hold back a bit fearing that the Kiss in Book Seven would not have the same impact. But it undercuts Ron’s character development. At least Hermione was more upfront (as was Harry) about their respective romances showing how close they really were as friends (How does it feel Harry? great line).

Overall, a great film even with three major (no Dursleys, no Battle of the Astronomy Tower and no Fleur!) changes that may create continuity problems for the last two films. Still it was well worth the wait.

P.S. I recommend that you pay careful attention at the little touches in WWW and in the Borrow.

And since I am in a anime kick of sorts (a HP based anime would kick ass, just saying) here is Nostromo with a dance classic from the early 90s:

7 comments on “And then there was Harry….

  1. 🙂 You’re an HP fan too, yay! It seems many folks are very much purists when it comes to the movies, and I guess I’ve given up on that early hope of mine. I’m glad you enjoyed the movie, if with reservations. 🙂


  2. I mean an HBP fan. Somehow I already gathered you’re an HP fan. Odd the way the internet works that way 😉


    • Yeah, that can happen. I come to realize that changes between book and movie are bound to happen and considering the high quality of the movies (which could have been a total disaster) then yes I am a fan of both.

      I had a few nitpicks:

      I don’t like how they do the whole apparition thing, it looks more like flying than teleportation. Dynamic, yes, accurate, no.

      And Neville? Neville got nerfed (as did Ginny). Busing tables at the party? My guess is that the producer has decided that they must do whatever they can to avoid using house elfs. Which I think lies at the heart of so many changes since PoA. Neville has to fill in and that kinda sucks. Made up by McLaggen puking on Snape’s shoes!



  3. OMG, YES on the apparition. But you know what really got me? (Ralfast nodded knowingly.) Dumbledore disapparates from Hogwarts with Harry. COME ON! That’s a rule Jo Rowling herself grumbled about but never, ever, ever broke, because it was so crucial to show that Hogwarts was impregnable and safe. Oy! 🙂

    Snape’s leaving Harry waiting and wondering as he spun and left was magnificent. 🙂 After McLaggen.

    They did interesting things with Ginny… Not sure what to think about it. Guess I’ll have to wait for the rewatch on the 30th or 31st 🙂 The actor who does Neville is fantastic, though, isn’t he?? I love him. 🙂


    • To be fair on Dumbledore he can disapparate from Hogwarts. Although not done in the novels, when the 6th Years are practicing apparition they first do it in the Great Hall and the Ministry official said that the Headmaster lifted the enchantment inside the Hall for an hour, so it seems that anti-apparition spells are under the control of the head/owner of the dwelling, which would be whoever the Headmaster is at Hogwarts.

      A loophole, but not outside the rules set up by Jo.

      And I always liked Ginny, then again I am a big fan of all the Weasleys (even Percy). The Kiss was fine but it left things a bit murky. Hope that the scene with the Sword of Gryffindor makes up for it. And the other Kiss. Hermione and Ron deserve a happy ending.


  4. Ooooh. You have just out-trivia’d me. (Are you looking askance at my word?? Nah, can’t be.) You’re right. Okay. *sighs and nods* Okay. I can buy that. Only because of your genius reasoning. Clearly I’ve been re-reading Book 7 too much and Book 6 too little. 🙂

    Just noticed I get to see it again on the 29th at 9:30. So I’ll clutter up this post with more comments then 😉 You’re in Puerto Rico? (Or did I make that up in some odd way?)


    • 😀 on the trivia thing!

      Then again Book 6 is my favorite so I kind of know it by heart. Mind you that they didn’t lay a good foundation for this loophole in the movie so….

      And yes I am in Puerto Rico. Reading my novel excerpts, aren’t you? Or did I mention that somewhere and forgot all about it? Who knows.


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