A Letter That Will Change The World

At least that what I am hoping for.

And what is this letter that will do this?

My query letter, of course. Mind you the world I am aiming to change is my own. Small target, I know. But still worth pursuing (in a totally selfish way).

I written a few copies, but so far I have yet to post them to the AQ forums. Probably do that sometime tomorrow and cross my fingers. I want to get this right so bad.  Reality will teach me a lesson soon enough when the rejections pour in. So be it.

BTW, I like to thank everyone who posted comments about the hook. They helped a lot.

Oh, and because my hits counter has spiked due to Harry Potter related searches, here is another teaser for Half-Blood Prince:

5 comments on “A Letter That Will Change The World

  1. Good luck with posting the query letter. You’re putting a lot of effort into it, and that’s the most important thing. With all your hard work, you’ll get it to where it must be.


  2. Good luck on the query letter!


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