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re·deem           Listen to the pronunciation of redeem
transitive verb
Middle English redemen, from Anglo-French redemer, modification of Latin redimere, from re-, red- re- + emere to take, buy; akin to Lithuanian imti to take
15th century

1 a: to buy back : repurchase b: to get or win back2: to free from what distresses or harms: as a: to free from captivity by payment of ransom b: to extricate from or help to overcome something detrimental c: to release from blame or debt : clear d: to free from the consequences of sin 3: to change for the better : reform4: repair, restore5 a: to free from a lien by payment of an amount secured thereby b (1): to remove the obligation of by payment <the United States Treasury redeems savings bonds on demand> (2): to exchange for something of value <redeem trading stamps> c: to make good : fulfill6 a: to atone for : expiate <redeem an error> b (1): to offset the bad effect of (2): to make worthwhile : retrieve

Redemption, a powerful concept that lies at the heart of Neither Here nor There. It is not just forgiveness, but the idea that to overcome wrong, any wrong, you must do right. That’s what Antony does as he struggles with his inner demons and the outer hurdles of his new life in Woodstock. And that is the hook of the story.

As you might have guessed by my last post, this week has been a nightmare. I tried my hand writing a query and failed miserably (and felt even worse). I just could not find a way to write it. Each sentence was worse than the last.

Then it hit me.


If I were to sum up the entire thing, that would be it. And you know what, I felt…redeemed!

Now to turn that one word into a hook and from there into a award winning, bestselling novel.

Oh and one more thing.


That is all.

7 comments on “Redemption

  1. Yay!!!

    I love the word “redemption.” Love love love it.


  2. Powerful word isn’t it?

    I like it too and that is why it lies at the heart of this novel. Now all I have to do it’s to turn it into a one sentence hook and this baby is sold!



  3. Hey Ralph,

    Queries are a bitch, for sure. But it sounds like you’ve hit the central theme, which is the basis for the hook, the synopsis, and all that other horrid business stuff, so you’re doing great. :)Good luck!


  4. Cool. Glad to see you bounce back from the self-doubt. Nice one.


  5. Go, Ralfast!

    Take several deep breaths, meditate, and just resolve to write as many query drafts as it takes to get it right.


    • Revising a novel is easy. Writing the very thing that determines whether all that work was for naught, now that is hard!

      But yeah, it is going to take some work


  6. […] spent the last couple of days writing possible hooks.  I have a few that are respectable (I think) but no way of knowing which […]


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