Did I mention I suck? Because I do according to these choice words:

If you are a English Literature graduate I’d expect fewer grammatical errors in your query.


You are still not in command of the English language

No wonder my Betas passed on my book!



5 comments on “I SUCK!

  1. I’m sure you’re being too hard on yerself, mate. Chin up.


    • Maybe, but between being reminded that my novel is a wee bit short (hovers above 50k) and that I can’t seem to come up with a hook to save my life, I’m feeling pretty glum right now. Now where did I leave that CD from The Verve?


  2. Being short shouldn’t be too much of a problem, add subplot or two, perhaps a new character, or a major complication. Alternatively, if you feel your story does what it needs to do at it’s current word count, sub it as a novella.

    When you say hook do you mean an overall big hook for the entire novel or are you talking about hooks seeded throughought the story?


    • Overall hook.

      Which should be somewhat easier now that I recognized the overall theme of the book.

      As for the novel, it is shock full of subplots, I don’t want to pad it further and have it lose it’s coherency. I guess I could stretch it to 60k at most but that is it.

      I don’t fee it is a novella per say and if I try to sell it like that then I’m afraid its chances are nil.


  3. Ralfast,

    Chin up. Keep striving. We all hit obstacles along the way. I had to revise my novel countless times before I was satisfied myself to send it to my betas. And now, finally, finally, it is done!

    If you have to revise your query several times, so what? At least you’re not a surgeon who needs to get it right the first time. 😉


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