On the Edge of the Abyss

Fear is a powerful motivator for some.

A crippling psychological condition for others.

Guess in which category I fall into?


So what triggered this latest panic attack?


The idea that I can’t a) sell nothing coupled with the thought that b) nobody is going to like this piece of trash has dropped my ego down the abyss of fear and self-loathing that I find myself right now.


And like the Dad in the pic above, I’m pretty annoyed about it too. And no frozen lakes either, not where I live. Not now, not ever. Hell will freeze over. Actually they will freeze simultaneously (useless -ly word! useless -ly word! must-not-panic!) because if the island freezes it will be Hell frozen over and then some.

I wish I had my fictional alter ego guts. Antony would know what to do and by God (and all the angels and some saints and a few nuns thrown in for good measure) he would do it too!

Well, I made him, so I can be like him.

Off to query this beotch for all it’s worth!

Oh and before I forget, here is a music video that says life sucks, so what, get over it emo boy!

3 comments on “On the Edge of the Abyss

  1. Good luck! Query query query!

    I know how you feel. Right now I’m trying not to be in limbo because of my fears that I’m not good at writing enough, etc.


  2. Well, I wrote my first query letter and posted it at the AQ Connect forums. But if you guys would like to give it the once over, be my quest:

    Dear Sir (or Madam)

    Neither Here nor There is a 55,000 word contemporary fiction work where we meet Antony Mendoza whose hatred for his estranged father knows no bounds until the day he receives a letter notifying him of his father’s death and a will that mentions him as a trustee of the Mendoza family assets.

    Once Antony crosses the Atlantic he lands in the sleepy English village of Woodstock where he takes charge of the Mendoza’s family business until his half-brother graduates from university or turns 25. He steps into the shoes of a man whose public image is the inverse of the father that abandon him at age 10. Not only that but he buts heads with his obstinate brother, falls in love with a local girl and somehow learn the ropes of the business before it overwhelms him. Add to this heady mix a mad cow scare, scheming public officials, terminally ill stepmother and Antony becomes the unexpected center of life in Woodstock all the while tormented by the pain of the unresolved issues with his dead father.

    As the author of the book I am a English Literature graduate from the University of Puerto Rico and hold a Juris Doctor from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

    The manuscript is available upon request.

    Thank You for your time.



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