The Heat is On

It’s hot!

No really, it is. That’s the thing about living in a tropical island. Mornings are not that bad. Afternoons, with high humidity and temperatures averaging in the high 90s (F) it can be downright stifling.

How I used to laugh at people complaining about 8o(F) degree weather in Michigan!

Fans help. So does cold water and at least two showers a day. Well unless it gets so hot you sweat in the shower. Yes it happens. Since we don’t get frost in the winter the pipes are not buried deep enough so that after a day of baking in the hot earth the water comes out a bit tepid. Just a bit.

Air condition helps. But the bills….

Fans help, but they only push hot humid air faster.

And hurricane season is around corner plus sand from the Sahara blows across the Atlantic to choke the already heavy air.

Can’t wait for Xmas to roll around!

8 comments on “The Heat is On

  1. Sometimes I’m grateful I live in Maine. It’s hard to be right now, when it’s pouring outside and barely 60 degrees, but then we rarely get above 90 degrees even in the dead heat of summer.


    • I wish I could say the rain helps, as it rains a lot but it only hypes the humidity index. It would require several days of constant rain for the temperatures to drop a few degrees.


  2. Amy and I live in similar climates. However, I used to live in So. California in the inland valleys and summers often reached above 100F. Ugh! I remember putting wet t-shirts in the fridge and putting them on to stay cool when we didn’t have AC.
    Hope things cool off for you soon!


  3. I’m beginning to think I’m the only person who loves heat. When others are about to faint, I’m in my element.


  4. It doesn’t get that hot. Maybe about 80 degrees. And it doesn’t have the infamous humidity of New England in which I grew up.


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