More Writers Blogs and Resources

Another Friday, another list of writer’s blogs and resources for writers. Long on the first category, short on the second.

The Blogs:

  1. W.I.P.: Work in Progress is Rosemerry’s blog where she traces the development of her current project. Interesting read.
  2. Isaac Espriu’s Place: Blog covering the life and times of a full time writer, hour by hour, day by day. See what he is cooking on the shores of New Zealand.
  3. How to be a perfect lady: Perfect advice for you ladies out there. Tongue in cheek of course!
  4. New Adventures in Fantasy Fiction: A old school gamer like me has a blog all about fantasy writing (and RPGs on Fridays :D). Grab your dice bag and roll up a character!

Now onto the resource side of the equation:

  1. The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy: According to the About page it is:

“This podcast goes into the nuts and bolts of what to do after you finish your work, before the finished complimentary copies come from your publisher. The topics covered deal with something as simple as a business card to putting together a press kit for your book and yourself. To be a success in writing takes more than just talent and opportunity, but it also takes a sense of business and a rooted perspective on what is happening in the publishing industry.

Welcome to Boot Camp, soldier. Time to face the obstacle course of a writing career…

Sir, Yes Sir!

Now some Friday love for  ya all!

4 comments on “More Writers Blogs and Resources

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention 🙂 Thanks for the comments you’ve left too. The best part of having a blog, i reckon, is having conversations with the people who visit.

    Hope your novel revising went well this week!


  2. No problem. I like to sponsor the things I like. 😀


  3. Hey, thanks for the mention, Although, I only do RPG stuff on Fridays. The rest of the week it’s a writing blog. Not that I’m complaining, just wouldn’t want to dissapoint anyone looking for an RPG blog when there are some real good ones out there (Grognardia being my fav). Anyway, cheers (and loving you cat pics). Lee


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