Things I don’t do.

As a writer/blogger:

No outlines.

No daily updates.

No word counts.

No reviews.

No TBR piles.

None of that.

I explain in detail why I don’t do outlines. No need to rehash that.

Daily updates? Forget it. Tried it, could not come up with enough material to feed the daily monster so I don’t even try it. I post what I want when I want. I try to have a weekly feature and even those fall by the way side if I don’t find enough material for a substantive post. Like the Teaser Tuesday/Flash Fiction Fridays on my other blog.

Word counts? Like I need the added stress. I write, revise and then write some more. Word counts are for NaNos and publishers. They will get whatever number Word spits out once I’m done.

I don’t do reviews, mostly because I don’t have that many books and or movies to review. I should do more (as in more than 1). Later….

No To Be Read book piles. I read to fast for them to accumulate in some pile. If I haven’t read them hours after I bought them, borrow them, then they remain unread.

So that’s it.

Have a nice day!

9 comments on “Things I don’t do.

  1. Hey Ralfast,

    I also don’t engage in word counts (besides NaNo). I know they spur some writers on, and that’s great. But for me, *consistency* works best. Whether I write a page or several pages in a day, as long as I write regularly, my Muse is happy and rewards me.


  2. I keep occasional track of word count as a kind of “see look how slow/fast you are” thing, but I don’t have goals, except to hit that 95-100K range before I type THE END.

    Definitely no TBR pile, unless you count the long list of books I want to buy the moment I can afford to spend that much on books again. 🙂


    • I’m with Tasha on this one (no surprise there). It brings undue stress and since I am a discovery writer (no outlines) I really don’t know how much it is going to take to finish a book.

      Besides I tend to underwrite not to mention that word counts go to hell in a hand basket the moment I start on the re-writes.


  3. I don’t write to a word count, I tend to write a scene or two at a time, but I do keep a word count. Fom me (and that’s just me) it helps me keep some consistency and serves by way of a spur (both carrot and stick) and I need some sort of spur becasue in general I don’t do discipline. 😀 Outlines, I’m not sure, I’m experimenting with those, at the mo.




  4. Word counts make me feel happy.

    But the problem is that a lot of those words get cut out in the editing process so it doesn’t change anything. I just use a word counter to keep track of how fast i can write something, and more of as a fun thing to do. I don’t give my articles a word count, I just write them.


  5. I only count fresh unedited prose in my wordcount. I don’t track what gets edited down or cut, that way lies madness.


  6. I like wordcounts just because they give me something tangible to wrap my brain around. I know everything’s going to be edited and changed and I don’t have an end wordcount goal, but I want to be able to say “I wrote x words this week. That is what I accomplished. Go me.”

    I’m a big fan of patting myself on the back haha.


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