It’s a mistake! Time to edit.

Now that is a good question (posed by Benjamin Solah over at the AW Forums).

I start editing the moment I write

I write my first drafts on legal notepad (white-blue lined). That gives me the freedom to add notes, scratch entire senteces, scenes or what have you. When I tried to do it in the computer, the backspace genie took over and I ended up with an empty screen. This way I can do changes on the fly and keep the writing flow.

Version 1.5

Transcribing to the computer means editing. Spelling, grammar, sentence structure. Not completely, but some changes are made, especially if the notes call for them. It also allows me to do research on the spot using tools like Google Earth and Wikipedia if I have any questions on source material.

Reactor Cool Down Time

I let my work cool down, from a few weeks to several months. It allows me to work on other things while creating a little distance between myself and the work. You strike the iron while it’s hot but you quench it in water for it to hardened.

Beta Testing

I made do another round of editing before sending it off to the Betas. What I want from my Betas is the answer to the following question “Do I have a story here?” With their input in hand I do a final(well as final as it can be) revision before I deemed it worthy for query consideration.

One-Pass Method

I’m using the one-pass method on my current WIP as the final revision. Yes, I know, using it that way defeats the purpose of the “one-pass” but since I never used it before I thought this would be a good time to try it out. I may, if it works, integrate it earlier in my editing process, but for now I don’t think it will work as just the one editing form. At least not yet.

You can check out Isaac’s take on editing here.

And considering the source of this post as well as its theme, I think this video says all that needs to be said about it. 😀

4 comments on “It’s a mistake! Time to edit.

  1. Some cool terminology here, Ralph. I particularly like Reactor Cool Down time. 🙂


    • People tell me I’m good with titles (or sub-titles in this case). Of course you don’t know any of these people, so you will have to take my work for it.


      Thanks for the input.


  2. Hey Ralfast,

    I just realized from reading your method- that I really don’t have a method. I’ve approached each work in a different way.


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