Once More into the Breach….

Well, I’m nearly finished with my second WIP, so now it is time to go back and revised Neither Here nor There… one more time. This time around I plan to use the One-Pass Manuscript Revision method I have heard so much about. If this works then I may have discovered a way to work my overall writing process in three not-so-easy steps:

  1. Write the Damn Thing!: First draft, raw and uncut. Just lay down the story with the minimum of plot holes, discontinuity or illogical statements.
  2. Cut it Down to Size and the Pump it Up!: Cut away all the -ly words, the clunky grammar and since I am a discovery writer, put in all those scenes that I left out. Then hand over the pieces to my Betas.
  3. Death Star Trench Run!: Or the one-pass method. Cut into the manuscript with wild abandoned loaded with Beta torpedoes and the Force.  Slash and hack the thing to ribbons and then put it back together again in your computer. Send it again to other Betas. Send out the queries. Cross fingers.

My inner editor has being screaming to get out. He is already dreaming up ways to fix my second WIP and I haven’t finished that one yet! Time to let him do his worse.

Meanwhile, indulge a bit of 80’s nostalgia with A-Ha!

2 comments on “Once More into the Breach….

  1. Mucho congrats on nearing the end of your second WIP! Awesome, Ralfast. 🙂


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