Harry Potter is in the building!

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A while back I participated in a contest on Donna’s Bites blog (my entry is in the comment section under the name ralfast). Then she emailed me saying that I won and that the books were en route. Well they arrived today, Books 1-5 (UK adult paperbacks editions). I read the books too many times to count, but I could not stop myself from reading where Donna had stuck a bookmark.

I have to say to things. One, the adult covers are not as impresive as the YA versions. I find the coverart on the North American versions to be more atractive. I know they wanted to tone them down to appeal to older audience but I doubt I would have pick them up in the bookstore if I had never read any of them before. The photographs make the books look cheap. That kind of marketing mistake could have cost the publisher dearly if it not for the fact that the children/YA version had already taken off. I hate to say this but the Twilight books have more appealing cover art.

On the other hand I am now the proud owner of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, not the Sorcerer’s Stone (which a friend of mine borrowed and then lost, the bastard)! I never understood why Scholastic pushed for the change other than to appease religious conservatives. That didn’t work, especially when you have a series that has tons on magic and questioning of authority as principal themes.

Both of these are just cosmetic differences in nature and really have no impact on the works themselves. I am not less of the books and having new editions gives me an excuse to read them all over again!

Thanks Donna!

Oh and an interview with Rupert Grint just for kicks:

4 comments on “Harry Potter is in the building!

  1. Hey Ralfast,

    Very nice that you won the books. Enjoy! I haven’t seen the UK adult pb editions. I’ll go over to amazon. uk to see the pics. I’m curious to get my own opinion of them.

    oh, and your “John Lennon/Harry Potter” kitty cracked me up. 🙂


    • Thank you. I’m rereading the first book and for some reason it reads very different from the rest of the series. I don’t know if the UK publishers did a major re-write or that since it is the first J.K. Rowling was just getting into her group. Sadly a friend of mine “misplaced” my copy of the book (the American version) so I can’t compare copies.


  2. Hey Ralph,

    W00t on winning the books!

    And good gods, I would string up by the *toes* anyone who borrowed and lost one of my books. You are remarkably patient with this friend. 😀


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