I’m about to hit the panic button.

I just checked and it has been a month since I sent out my Betas and no answers. I’m beginning to freak out. Is not that long of a story. Could be so bad that people are having such a hard time reading it? God I hope not.

9 comments on “I’m about to hit the panic button.

  1. Hey Ralfast,

    Please don’t stress. Remember when you sent me the first draft and it took me a couple of months before I had a chance to sit down and read it? People can be very busy with work/family/ and their own writing.

    Also, the betas could be taking their time because they want to do it conscientously. (as they should)

    I do think, however, if betas take longer than they originally said, that they should contact the person and let them know that it will take more time. I just think that’s being polite.


    • True and I didn’t put a time stamp on the work. I guess it is just general anxiety about it. This is my “baby” after all. I even had a dream of it last night. The lady I told the story in the dream wasn’t very impressed!

      But at least Charlie Sheen, Cameron Diaz and some other actress were there.


  2. Let me echo Gypsy and say don’t stress. I didn’t get a lot of Beta bites from Absolute Write. A couple, though, and that was all that I needed to really help me rewrite the novel. A gentle nudge to your betas is appropriate if your story is short. If they don’t respond, I would send out a new query for Betas, or co-opt your friends into the beta reader business (which is what I finally did).


    • Well the Betas are out there. People did bite and I did send them to some friends. Since this is a favor their doing I don’t want to be pushy. I’ll just have to relax and go with the flow.


  3. This is completely unrelated to your post but I screwed up on the Mr Linky code on Bites and you’ll need to report your link again. I’m doing individual posts now so if you have an 80s post, post the direct link. Thanks!


  4. It is hard, isn’t it? This is one of the biggest things in our lives, and for some strange reason, it isn’t as high up in our betas’ priorities. The nerve of them, to have lives! (It’s been hard on me too.)


  5. Hey Ralph,

    I’m jumping on the ‘don’t stress’ bandwagon too. 🙂 A month doesn’t seem too long to me for a whole MS – betaing is hard work, and RL has a tendency to get in the way of it sometimes!

    I know what you mean, though: sending it out to betas is like putting a child on the bus for the first time.

    Hang in there! It’ll be fine.


  6. I got my first response late last night. Overall very good, but the main character and his love interest didn’t fare so well. Will need more tweaking to bring him to the forefront. I’ll wait for the others to see if there is a consensus of what really needs fixing.


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