I’ll Tell You Why…I Write

First of all a few blog news:

Congrats to WendyCinNYC on getting an agent! Go over to Writes in the City and congratulate her. NOW! I’ll wait….

OK, you’re back. Good…where was I. Oh yeah, Donna Duck has added a few new features to her review blog Bites. Wait…where are you going? Come back here, you can see it later, OK?

Now for an apology. I promised that I would write a roundup post for the February blogroll. I have yet to write it but I will. I’ll like to thank everybody for participating.

Also Neither Here nor There…. is on its Beta phase. So far no one has wrote me back, which I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. Crossing my fingers here.

Oh, and before I forget I won a contest on Bites for a stack of Harry Potter books! Huzzah!

Now for the main event. Janna wrote a recent post on her blog titled Tell Me Why where in she explores three questions posed by Donald Maass in his book Writing the Breakout Novel. Like Janna, I’m a slow reader of non-fiction and my copy of the book resides in a basket beside the toilet in my bathroom. It is a good book, not as great as On Writing by Stephen King, but not bad either.

Janna concentrated on three questions posed by Maass and I thought this would be the place to place my answers. The questions are:

  • Why tell your story?
  • What does your story offer? What would one gain by reading your book?
  • Conversely, what would happen if you didn’t write the book?

Why tell your story?

Because I am a storyteller. Always have been. Stories pop into my head, begging to be shared. I want to see the reaction to them, I want to entertain and make people think. Why should I keep my stories to myself? I also like the act of creating a story, the crafting of it. A story in my head is just neurons firing away, but a story on the page is something concrete, tangible and whole.

I also want to turn writing into a career so that I do what I love and get a chance to do more of it.

What does your story offer? What would one gain by reading your book?

Entertainment, excitement, a reflection on life well, at least my life. Maybe it will also be a reflection of your life as well. How many of us have faced heart ache, death in the family, conflict, war, fear, love, hatred, etc.

Conversely, what would happen if you didn’t write the book?

I would never know if my ideas, if my stories are any good. Without an audience a work of art is incomplete. I want to create a complete work. Thus I write not only for my pleasure but for the pleasure of others as well. When they read it the creative cycle is complete. Its stops being just my thoughts and it becomes a shared experience, a story with a life of it’s own.

I hope that answers those questions. I’m sure I’ll come up with better answers latter.

4 comments on “I’ll Tell You Why…I Write

  1. You did a great job answering the questions. And I agree, especially with your thoughts on sharing heartache, death, conflict, etc., with the world: that’s part of why we go through it – to share and commiserate with others. We’re just fortunate to be able to do it through writing.

    And your book’s location is so incredibly funny… mine sits in the basket beside the toilet in my bathroom. 😉


  2. Glad you like them. And yes, the book sits right where I said it is. 😀


  3. Great answers. I keep meaning to read that book….


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