Tag, I’m it!

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Just came back from Starbucks. That explains the LOLCat on top of the page. In other blog news, I just got tagged by Amy over at Purple Patch. Problem is that most of the blogs she linked too are the ones I wanted to tag myself. Oh well.

So here is the way this meme goes:

  • Write about six things that make you happy.
  • Link to six victims…I mean fellow bloggers.
  • Drop by their blogs and announce that you tag them.
  • Write down the rules of the meme for all to see.

So lets start with the six things that make me happy:

  1. Sex: Yes Amy, you are right. Getting my grove on makes me very happy indeed.
  2. Writing: Having a blast. Just finished a short story that I hope will make the rounds in competition and/or publications. Fingers crossed.
  3. Coffee: Makes writing possible.
  4. Chocolate: Comfort food, nuff said.
  5. LOLCats: I love cats and dogs but don’t have any pets at the moment, so if I want a quick laugh I go there and get it. Plus no scooping poop afterward.
  6. D&D: Yes, I am a gamer. I thought that was obvious by now. If not, now you know.

Now for the six people I have to pass on this meme on too:

Kathleen Peacock


Fantastical Imagination

The Unfocused Life

A Way Back to Myself

Ten Percent

OK, that is it for this internet meme. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

BTW, Firebrand Literary has announced a Query Holiday. Go Check it out!

4 comments on “Tag, I’m it!

  1. Oh, *that* meme. Got it. Should have it up in the next couple of days.


  2. […] now on to the meme.  Rafael did the evil deed of tagging me for this meme and thanks to my OCDness, I must comply.  […]


  3. […] 15, 2009 · No Comments Ralfast of Neither Here Nor There has tagged me with directions to identify six things that make me happy.  Never one to pass up an […]


  4. My response is finally up. Here’s the link:



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