Not done yet….

I’ve sort of gone around the bend with the second draft of Neither Here nor There. It kept taking me more time than I expected. That is until I realized that the darn book wasn’t finished yet. Yes, it has all the major characters and a solid plot at it’s center. But the loose threads from which a bunch of minor characters where hanging from was driving me crazy. Finally I came up with a secondary plot line that should, should put things in order without detracting from the main narrative. As soon as I finish the final chapter I will hop back again into the editing train and get this monster ready for querying.

3 comments on “Not done yet….

  1. adding plots is always a blast! crazy-making, but a blast. we live on the edge.

    –well. revising is kind of like throwing yourself *off* the edge, actually, but you know what I mean. 🙂


  2. Well you know what they say Amy, the secret to flying is to miss the ground!


  3. one more thing…

    tag! you’re it! (don’t hate me) 🙂



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